I love the man & the mountain.

My name is Tracy Simmons Bulla, the Hippie Huckster.  I live a bit south of Nashville, TN with my husband Brad Bulla and our two dogs, Tatum and Angus. In the words of Mary Poppins, my life is “practically perfect in every way!”

I like:

  • Trips with hubby and/or girlfriends
  • Cooking & making up recipes
  • Live music in cool venues
  • Genealogy, nostalgia, historic places,
  • Junkin’ -discovering, buying, selling, swapping vintage items
  • Photos & videos – old & new (I’m gradually preserving them all digitally)
  • Reading – books, my iPad, & my Kindle
  • Cultivating relationships
  • Telluride

I started this blog to loosely journal happenings from my past and present, to share delicious recipes and fun things.  Also to remember and reflect on whatever comes to mind or a certain photo that stirs a memory. I think I will be glad I did when I look back at my entries.



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