Stop letting the imperfect tell you how to love yourself!


I m so burdened by the constant refrain “I need to lose weight, I wish I looked like <insert name of scary skinny, muscled up person here>” coming from so many gorgeous, successful, loving women that I know. If you are morbidly obese, if your weight is creating life threatening illness in your body, then PLEASE lose the appropriate amount of weight to get yourself physically healthy.

If you assess your self-worth by the cut of your muscles and size of your clothes, then work on letting that sick mentality go to get yourself emotionally healthy. Read this excerpt from Glennon Melton’s blog...
 … I was raised in a sexist culture. I was raised in a world that tried to convince me through media, through certain religious organizations, through inadequate history books and through the beauty industry – that female bodies are worth less than male bodies- and that certain types of female bodies (thin, tall young) are worth more than other types of female bodies.
The daily deluge of images of women’s bodies for sale and the onslaught of emaciated women’s bodies held up as the pinnacle of female achievement and the pervasive message that women exist to please men was the air I breathed.

Who are these people and what grand worth are their opinions to make us believe that??? It’s unreasonable and embarrassing, really.

I’ve learned the key for loving myself is to love others, to help others in real situations of need, not by achieving superficial expectations that someone else has set. The best selling book of all time says our bodies are the “temple of the Lord.” Have we ever really stopped to consider what that means?

Who are these “they” that say my body is imperfect? Hell, one hundred years ago no one but a spouse or a doctor even saw the naked bodies of others! Do you believe there wasn’t beauty and attractiveness before the age of anorexics in g-strings? Honestly.

Take some time to recognize what you love about yourself, give honor to it, and flaunt it, baby!


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