My Kitchen Organization continues….


Pinterest inspired, mini kitchen projects keep taking up residence over here on the Bulla-vard.  I so admire folks who think up cool ideas that I can run with.  By using a few office products I found on clearance at Target, I was able to clear out two drawers in the kitchen!  Check it out:

Nothing unusual here, the backsides of a couple of cabinet doors and stocked cabinets.

2013-02-27 17.27.28 2013-02-27 17.31.06

Three office organizing products and some double-sided permanent tape.

2013-02-27 17.33.40

Put ’em all together and whaddaya get?  Handy storage space for items that previously resided in black hole type drawers!

Seasoning packets, garlic press, meat thermometer….

2013-02-28 19.46.38

Cookbooks, recipe cards, cookbooks, scraps of paper with written recipes, cookbooks, and some plastic cutlery….

2013-02-27 18.10.07

Wax paper, aluminum foil, Brita filters….

2013-02-27 17.42.20

This little project was much less expensive and much less invasive than gutting the kitchen and trying to find space and money for more cabinets!

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