How It All Stacks Up


I love it when a small, inexpensive purchase turns into a big, invaluable way of life.  Some of my favorite dishes were precariously stacked and crammed in a cabinet making them awkward to maneuver, remove, and put away. I guess I didn’t realize how oppressed I was by our lack of kitchen cabinet space until a couple of $6 wire racks came into my life and gave me new reason to live.  Yes, these things are everywhere – Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Target, – I mean, not elusive like the skunk ape or Brad’s sunglasses.  So this knowledge begs the question, “How have I wandered aimlessly without wire rack shelves for my cabinets???”

It was with unbridled enthusiasm that I stacked dishes and organized that clutter-y cabinet.  See how attractive everything looks on the wire racks?  I may or may not have peeped in there a few more times for the thrill of seeing my vintage Fire King casserole dish beaming proudly from its new perch.  So?

2013-02-28 17.52.00

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