Hummus & Squash “Cupcakes”


Hummus & Squash “Cupcakes”

Interested in healthy snacks?  Try these bite-size ‘cupcakes’ for sneaking in nutrition in a fun, yummy way. I liberally modified a recipe I found on Pinterest.  Let’s get started!

Not your usual cupcake line-up:

  • Squash
  • Hummus
  • Flax seed
  • Olives

    Score the squash with a scoopy thing like I have here or a fork or melon baller.

2013-02-20 15.18.51

    Slice the squash into 1/2″ to 3/4″ sections.  Don’t they look like adorable little cupcake holders? Use the scoopy thing to remove about 2/3 of the middle out of the squash to make room for your filling.  Gobble up the squash scoops or save them to put in a salad for dinner later this evening.

2013-02-20 15.19.43

Now here comes the fun part – filling the ‘cupcakes’ with ‘icing’!  Fill a piping bag or Pampered Chef’s Easy Accent Decorator with hummus.  (No, I’m not a paid sponsor of PC, I just have a lot of it because the stuff is so handy.)

2013-02-20 15.21.22

    I decided to sneak a little extra nutrition by sprinkling flax seed on top of the ‘cupcakes’ and also add a bit of decoration.  I topped them off with pimento stuffed olive halves to add some color and flavor.

2013-02-20 15.16.07

    So cute, easy to make, and good for you!  You can substitute cucumbers or zucchini for the cupcake holders. You can choose the flavor of hummus you prefer.  Top with crumbled feta cheese, diced bell pepper, sliced grape tomatoes, chopped herbs – infinite possibilities!

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  1. I love cupcakes — I think this would be a nice, healthy way to trick myself! Also, hummus is one of my favorite snacks! I have to try this!

    Thanks for the post!

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