Blogs that minister to me…

2013-02-18 21.16.08

“There is creative reading as well as creative writing.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m addicted to blogs.

Blogs that cause me to step back, slow down and focus up. (Oh, Glennon, you tear my heart out and build me up all in a single post!)

Blogs written by beautiful, humble, wise women who have lived, really lived AND lived to tell about it. (Shelley, for thirty years we’ve laughed, cried, cussed and prayed our way through living – together and apart.)

Blogs that encourage and empower me to  “take <my> mistakes and offer them generously to others.”  (Darling Sarah, I weep that you can raise me up to think that anything I’ve done, mistake or not, is really a gift.)

Blogs that I identify with, that entertain me.  I know Ree and I would be best friends if I lived on a neighboring ranch. We share a love of food, family, animals, photos, movies, and say the same silly 80s slang.  Her blog is bitchen! (P-Dub, If I keep cooking like you do I’m going to have that ‘back fat’ you speak of!)

Blogs that are clever, crack me up and make me say ‘Amen!’ (Moochie, will your book have a chapter on J.D. Crowe?)

Blogs that teach me, broaden my awareness, humble me, and delight my eyes and mind with fun, fashionable photos! (Kelle, Nella’s birth story – I wept at the depths of beauty.)

Blogs that are exceptionally eloquent, sagacious, and make me proud.  Throw in incredible songwriting and musicianship – well, just go see for yourself. (Jenny Anne, your writing always woos my romance with reading.)

Blogs that put things in perspective, that magnify faith and God’s grace. (Vick, what can I say? I can’t imagine being a member of the club you were unwillingly drafted into. And thank you for sharing the potting shed.)

Blogs that feel like a conversation over coffee, with practical advice on housekeeping, and beauty tips. I smile just recalling the witty and affectionate tales of marriage and motherhood.  (Ramah, you’re a ‘damn good woman.’)

Maybe it’s strong, passionate, creative, real women that I’m addicted to.

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