Big Girl Grilled Cheese


Isn’t a grilled cheese sandwich just the most tasty, comforting, enjoyable thing?  Well, I added two more tasty, comforting, enjoyable ingredients to a simple grilled cheese.  Superlative satisfaction!

  • I fried two slices of bacon to a crisp in the cast iron skillet, then set them aside. (Pork! Not Brad’s turkey bacon.)
  • I sliced off a couple of slabs of Italian loaf from the Kroger deli.
  • I melted a generous portion of butter in the same cast iron skillet.
  • Soaked both sides of the bread slices in the butter, then left them in the skillet to brown.
  • I sliced off two rectangles of Sharp Cheddar and quickly warmed them on the skillet before putting them on one slice of bread.
  • After the bread became golden brown, and the cheese became gooey, I moved them to a plate, and stuck the bacon on the melt-y cheese.
  • Now here’s the best part:  I spread an obscene amount of homemade guacamole on the lonely piece of bread. (For guacamole recipe click this linky.

Mmmmm mmm!

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